Designed Clinical Nutrition

Whole Food is defined as food that has undergone very little processing and has been grown or produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Designed Clinical Nutrition can best be described as a personalized nutrition plan supported by specific whole food supplements which will allow your body to repair or improve itself. The word “specific” is key, as the supplements recommended are specific to your individual Nutrition Response TestingSM analysis.

After determining the exact nutrients your body needs to supplement your current diet in order to bring about balance and better health, we will make highly concentrated therapeutic formulations available to you in tablet, capsule or powdered form. Depending on your individual situation, we may also require that you make some specific changes in your diet and eating habits.

Let’s Break it Down Even Further Because Designed Clinical Nutrition is Exactly That:

  • Designed—especially prepared for you, based on a specific plan
  • Clinical—pertaining to the results achieved in clinical use and actual practice on a multitude of patients over many years
  • Nutrition—real food, as designed by nature, to enable your body to repair itself and become healthier

Our supplements should not be confused with over-the-counter vitamins which generally lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in whole foods. Suffice it to say that our supplements are a “whole” lot healthier for you.

A better product starts with better production. Vital to our distinct difference is not only the preparation but the origination

Using the “Standard Process” Method:

  1. Nutrients are derived from plants grown on Standard Process farms, in soil free of pesticides—and no chemicals are ever used. Ph.D.’s check the soil before the seeds are sown, to make sure of the fertility of the soil—and even the weeding is done by hand.
  2. The machinery involved in the processing of these products is made of glass and stainless steel only.
  3. The temperature used in processing harvested plants is never raised above the point of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the active ingredients are not cooked; they remain active and alive, and have a very long shelf life.

Remember, each cell, tissue and organ in your body is in the process of replacing itself on a daily, monthly and yearly basis so it is possible to restore your health naturally by making the proper nutrients available. Designed Clinical Nutrition will determine the correct food supplements that will give your body its best possible chance of getting better and staying well.

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