Kurt Bauer, Dipl. Ac. MSOM, who is the owner of Acupuncture & Nutrition Specialists of Wisconsin, spent 27 years of his life in the US Navy. Upon his retirement he worked at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service teaching Marine Firefighting and from there moved north to Minnesota where his transition into the field of Alternative Health Care started.

“You really like to help people, so why not try massage as a way of helping”, a friend stated one day. Putting trust in the observation and agreeing with the recommendation, Kurt entered the field and found his new endeavor very rewarding. He had a successful practice specializing in massage until a weight lifting injury ended this career.

It was at this time that Kurt became interested in other alternative forms of health care as well. A chiropractor friend recommended Oriental Medical School in which Kurt enrolled and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.

After a few years in practice Kurt was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing℠. He was an excellent candidate to be a patient because he was definitely having health issues due to many years of mistreatment of his body and poor food choices. In fact, his initial tests results were so poor that one of the Nutrition doctors said “not bad for someone who is almost a dead man”.

Since being on the program Kurt’s test results have steadily improved and he feels much better. And he feels great about Nutrition Response Testing; adding it to his practice. Now he looks forward to helping more people experience what it is like to start feeling better and doing more without the use of drugs or surgery.