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It takes one step to head in a healthier direction.

Welcome to Acupuncture & Nutrition Specialists of Wisconsin, S.C.

We are your educated choice for exceptional acupuncture and natural health services. We specialize in a wide range of treatments for a variety of ailments and offer simple adjustments that help maintain a balanced and healthy body. Our experienced support staff provides a warm and comfortable environment and is dedicated to meeting all your acupuncture needs at affordable prices. We’ve been helping our patients live pain-free and healthier lives for many years. Our goal is to help you improve your life by helping your body realize its potential to heal itself through acupuncture and natural health.

We have 14 years of experience in Alternative Medicine and are pleased to announce that we have added two extraordinary and complimentary services to our practice, Nutrition Response Testing℠ and Designed Clinical Nutrition.

We are so positive that we can help you improve your heath that our initial consultation is free. Ask about our flexible appointment scheduling!

Services Offered


Acupuncture is a proven natural therapy which relieves pain, improves energy and restores the body's biochemical balance.

Nutrition Response Testing℠

A non-invasive system of testing and analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of non-optimum or ill health.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

A personalized nutrition plan recommending the nutrients your body is lacking or needing; utilizing whole food supplements to your current diet.